Download Latest Release
Download Latest Release
Version: 0.4 (Feb 2007)

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What Does Monkey Boards Do?

This page will give a brief overview of Monkey Board's features, along with some screenshots of the forums doing what they do best!

If you want to suggest any features that you think Monkey Boards would benefit from, please visit the Tracker and submit a feature request.


Monkey Boards is built using PHP, one of the most flexible web scripting languages around today. For more information about PHP, visit the website.


To enable Monkey Boards to be small and lightweight, it uses an SQLite flat-file database to store it's data, such as topics, posts and members, rather than relying on a fully-independent database server with tons of features that wouldn't get used.

Template Lite

The template engine in Monkey Boards means that any page can be custom-configured at the drop of a hat.


The simple and native interface guides users through the forum without bombarding them with needless features and harrassment.


Monkey Boards' chosen minimalistic components make it faster to process and render, meaning you can catch up with your conversation even quicker!

Small in Stature

At only 64KB to download (in tar-gzipped form), Monkey Boards is a lot smaller than most other PHP-based forum software, meaning less load on your web server, and less load on your users.