Download Latest Release
Download Latest Release
Version: 0.4 (Feb 2007)

Click here to download the latest Monkey Boards release from

How do I Get Monkey Boards?

So you've decided you want to give Monkey Boards a try? Fantastic!

The latest Monkey Boards download link is in the top-right hand corner of the website, in the green box. Simply click the large download icon and you'll be redirected to SourceForge, which is where the downloads are hosted.

Or, you can download the latest release, 0.4 HERE.

When you download Monkey Boards, please make sure you read the README file contained within the archive file. It will give you up-to-date important instructions on how to install the software.

And if you are planning to make changes to the Monkey Boards code, please pay close attention to the LICENSE file which details how the software comes under the GPL v2 license.