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Version: 0.4 (Feb 2007)

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Welcome to Monkey Boards!

Monkey Boards is a small, lightweight discussion board system. It is open-source software, and is released under the GNU General Public License.

If you want to read more about Monkey Boards, use the "About" link at the top of the page, or if you want to try it out, download the latest release using the green box!

Project News

Mon Apr 6th 2009, by Zenithus
Some of you may noticed that some awry users came onto the forums in the past few days and caused a few problems, namely by demonstrating the current problems in Monkey Boards 0.4. There isn't a great deal I can do at the current time to prevent this from happening again, and I don't think either a) keeping the boards online, or b) taking them down permanently is a good idea.

So what I'm doing right now is looking for an alternative solution to a uniquely forum-based problem. It may mean that some of the services are moved back over onto SourceForge, although I feel that it is slightly advanced and over-featured for Monkey Boards' users. I'll keep everyone posted over the next few days while I try and come to a decision, meanwhile keeping up development as usual!

As a side note, please by aware that ANYONE with Monkey Boards 0.4 software in use is also open to this form of attack. There is currently no way to prevent it other than manually disabling all HTML support in posts. Rest assured this WILL be fixed for the next release.

Sun Mar 7th 2009, by Zenithus
This is a nice quick update to say that I've got the first of the documentation up! What I'm also doing is writing a proper set of documentations with SQL schemas and the like to make it easier for everyone, but using phpDocumentor was an easy start just to get the whole thing going!

If you want to have a look, the generated documentation is available online now.

Sat Mar 6th 2009, by Zenithus
Sorry about the lack of updates!! I've been very busy with university work lately, for the last month or so, but have been getting on with things, don't fear!

Right now I'm preparing the initial documentation and trying out phpDocumentor with the code, which involves going through every file and making comments on everything I see fit to!

I'm also considering installing Trac for the project, or spending a bit more time getting SourceForge sorted out to make it a little bit more usable. Remember if you have any questions or suggestions, the forums are always open!

Sun Jan 18th 2009, by Zenithus
I've decided to allow read-only SubVersion access to the Monkey Boards repository. This is so everyone can see how the coding is going and hopefully get on my back some more when nothing happens!!

Username: guest
Password: mbforums

Please bear in mind that this is a read-only account! You cannot commit revisions or make changes to the code at this moment in time.

Sun Jan 11th 2009, by Zenithus
Just a quick not to say that I've set up the forums for the website, so if you want to, you van post feature requests, ask for support, and have general discussion about Monkey Boards collectively!

The link is at the top of the page, or here. Enjoy!

Mon Dec 8th 2008, by Zenithus
I completely apologise for the lack of any updates lately, but university and work has been very much on top of me and I've hardly had time to breathe.

Don't worry though, I have started work on the new version of Monkey Boards, release 1.0. I've decided that for now to continue using the same base code from release 0.4, but I do have plans to move everything over onto object-orientation at a later date.

I've outlined a roadmap of where I want the project to end up in the next few versions, but this is just a basic layout at the minute, and I would imagine will probably change at a later date:

Release 1.0

Release 1.1

Release 2.0 (BRANCH)

Sun Nov 16th 2008, by Zenithus
Many of you will have recently seen Monkey Boards making a re-appearance across the internet. That is because after over a year of inactivity, I decided it was time to take over the project on, and make sure that the best lightweight forum system gets some use again!
I plan to make a new release very soon, version 1.0. All the bugs and shortcomings from the current release will hopefully have been fixed, and a small number of new features will have been added. These, hopefully, will include:

We'll just have to see how we get on from there, but that's something to be getting on with anyway!

This website is still in the process of being built, but I should have most of it done by the end of today, so support, bug and feature requests will be taken in hand. In the meantime, you can always email me here.